Scrubs: sea salt vs. sugar

  When shopping for scrubs there are lots of options.  Sugar and salt tend to be the most commonly used exfoliating ingredients when it comes to all-natural scrubs.  We often get asked: "Why does scrub me™ choose sea salt as the exfoliator in the body scrubs?" and "What's the difference between products containing sugar and the ones containing sea salt?".  We have our reasons for choosing sea salts but that doesn't mean sugar doesn't have some positive benefits of its own.

scrub me secret: coffee is another common exfoliating ingredient.  it has great skin firming and anti-aging properties but leaves a bit of a mess and does not dissolve in water like sugar and salt.

  Unlike sugar, salt contains minerals like: iron, magnesium, potassium, and more.  These minerals can help oxygenate cells, healing wounds and strengthening skin.  Dead sea salt also has great detoxification benefits. This means it is great for drawing impurities like dirt and oil from the skin.  Overall, these minerals and detoxification benefits can help detox, heal, smooth, and firm skin.

Sugar doesn't contain minerals but it does have properties that help draw moisture to the skin, making it more hydrating than salt.  Plant sugars are known to brighten skin over time  because they contain alpha hydroxy acids that break down dead skin cells.

scrub me secret: many of us are magnesium deficient. magnesium deficiency can cause muscle soreness, weakness, nausea, dizziness, and more symptoms.  while you can absorb some magnesium through a sea salt exfoliation, it is more beneficial to take a sea salt soak at least once a week.


    Exfoliation also differs between sugar and salt.  Sugar is a very fine grain and is therefore more gentle on skin.  Salt comes in all different types of grain but they are all too rough for most facial skin.

scrub me secret: salt is usually never suggested for use as a facial scrub. however, a fine grain salt can be okay for exfoliating men's beard area or very resilient skin types.


A more abrasive scrub is good for the skin on our bodies because it is less delicate than our facial skin.  Make sure the salt or sugar granules do not have sharp or jagged edges as this can cause damage to the skin or small cuts.  The best way to avoid that is using a high quality, fine grain salt.

scrub me secret: because all our scrubs are made with dead sea salts, they are only intended for use on the body.  in 2016 we formulated our antioxidant powder mask for the face.  this is a powder blend of rich antioxidants that can also exfoliate when added to a cleanser, water, or nourishing serum.


We choose to stick with sea salt because we truly believe that the mineral and detoxification benefits are important for skin.  Even though dead sea salt does not have hydration benefits of its own, we formulate our scrubs with a small amount of sweet almond and coconut oil for nourishment.  Also, our wellness energy scrub has added antioxidant tea for dehydrated skin.  Follow up with one of our shea butters for extra moisture!  A deep exfoliation is really great for cell renewal, circulation, and dead cell removal. We think sea salt is the right ingredient for the job.  That doesn't mean we don't enjoy a good sugar scrub every now and again.  We just always seem to end up back at our old faithful, salt.  Happy scrubbing!


Ooops! I broke the rules, now what?

  Some rules are meant to be broken!  Rules our estheticians give us are NOT meant to be broken...but it happens.  So what can you do after you forget the SPF, over-itch that bug bite, or pop that pimple that wasn't ready?  Don't panic.  There are some remedies for when you've had a beauty blunder.  Over-tweezed your brows?  We can help make it better, not worse.  We've also got some tips on what to do when you feel you've screwed up your spray tan.

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The Process: Making Cold Process Soap.

Every soap and treatment bar starts from scratch.  As you know, we only choose ingredients that have benefits for you and your skin.  We start by brainstorming to decide what type of skin type or concern we would like to target.  Then, we go into our inventory of materials and essential oils and start choosing our items.  This part is the most fun, creating new recipes and blends of ingredients for our customers is such a joy. 

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Decoding and Diminishing Breakouts

We see it advertised all the time: "A quick fix for acne!".  Unfortunately that "quick fix" may only be masking the problem and most of the time it doesn't work for everyone.  The best way to effectively rid yourself of blemishes for good is to first identify what is causing the breakouts.  Treating congestion topically can help heal and clear the surface layers of the skin, but what we really need to know is why we are getting the acne in the first place.  Our skin can give us clues as to what is going on in our bodies.

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Everyone's new beauty obsession, activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal seems to be the newest "it" ingredient in beauty products.  With its awesome detoxification and healing benefits, we don't blame everybody for being so obsessed!  We already know a lot about what this ingredient can do for our skin and body but here at scrub me we had a few more questions.  Does activated charcoal have a history?  How is this ingredient made, and how exactly does it work?

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Thinking outside the label

Some scrub me™ products can be used in multiple ways.  After reading this your butters will no longer be just for hydrating skin, scrubs will be used for more than scrubbing, and your soaps will be found in places other than the shower.  We hope you have fun with these great tips, tricks, and scrub me secrets.

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scrub me™: our ingredients

Our philosophy to keep our ingredients as minimal and purposeful as possible has proven to have amazing results!  When you use all natural, chemical free, non-carcinogenic ingredients you can feel good about what your body is absorbing and we see it reflected in your skin. 

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Protect yourself before you wreck yourself!

  Using SPF and sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, and seeking shade is common when the weather is hot and the sun is beaming.  What a lot of us don't realize is that UV rays from the sun are almost always affecting our skin in negative ways.  Sun protection is a key step in our skincare routines that should never be skipped!

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Meet the Owner!

  Attention all scrub me® lovers!  This month we are taking a small break from our normal "scrub me secrets" blog to give everyone a chance to meet, Katherine, the face behind the products.  Katherine answered a few frequently asked questions and shared some personal information.

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scrub me® takes on toner.

  To tone or not to tone?  That is the question!  scrub me® has found that many skin care users aren't exactly sure of what a toner is, its purpose, or how to fit it into their daily regime.  We can assure you, you are definitely missing out if you are not toning your skin on a daily basis.  Our founder (a seasoned esthetician) knows the benefits of a great toner and uses the toning bar on a daily basis.

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Inner Wellness, Outer Beauty.

Nutrition plays a pretty big role in maintaining healthy skin.  Total body wellness is very important when striving for a radiant complexion!  Certain proteins and carbs work with different vitamins and minerals to keep the skin's barrier functioning properly....

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Learning About Rosacea

   April is rosacea awareness month!  In honor of this, scrub me® has compiled a small list of questions we commonly hear about rosacea and answered them in detail for you.

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All cleansers are not created equal

 As an esthetician, I spend extra time with clients to educate them about the difference between the skin on our face vs. the skin on our body.  All cleansers, exfoliants and moisturizers are not created equal.   

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Lasers, threading, and waxing, oh my!

As an esthetician, I understand hair removal can be uncomfortable and sometimes a displeasing experience; but oh so liberating!  Believe it or not, it really does matter what method of hair removal you choose.  Scrub me is here to walk you through the ins and outs of waxing, laser, threading and more.  

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Defeating Dry Skin

During this season a lot of us are looking for ways to feel nourished and hydrated instead of uncomfortable and dry.  Scrub me has a 3 step process to make defeating dry skin easy!

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scrub me: the perfect gift!

 Finding special gifts for everyone in our lives can become overwhelming.  Scrub me has a few easy, innovative and personalized ideas that are sure to be a hit this holiday season.

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