scrub me™ has been dedicated to providing you with the best, most beneficial face and body treatments since 2013. Each and every product is personally formulated by licensed esthetician Katherine Heinze. 

At scrub me™ headquarters, located in Chicago, IL, every product is created using only the best, all natural ingredients available.  We pride ourselves on carrying an ample variety of products that cater to every skin type; from toning bars for your face, to salt scrubs and body treatments. Together we can treat, protect, smooth, and improve your skin! Happy Scrubbing!

Everything you need and nothing you don't. 

About the Owner

scrub me™ founder Katherine Heinze started her career in the skin care industry in 2010.  As a graduate of the Aveda institute she has always specialized in natural and organic products to treat the skin and body.  Katherine enjoys continually educating herself about ingredients, products, and skin conditions in order to formulate the perfect soaps, scrubs, body butters, etc.  Total body wellness is a way of life for Katherine and she makes sure her skin care products reflect that.