Hi! My name is Katherine; I created scrub me™ in 2013 when I was on the hunt for better body care than I was finding on the market at the time. Working as an esthetician I was finding some great facial care with healthy ingredients but nothing specifically special for the body. Using my knowledge in skin care I formulated a body scrub using a blend of plant-based ingredients that really helped to smooth, brighten, and firm skin. From there I kept expanding my plant-based knowledge and my product line grew also! Each and every product you see on the site was created by me with careful thought and tested by myself & the scrub me™ team.

scrub me™ skin care studio is a place i’m super proud of. In 2017 I branched off on my own as an esthetician & opened up my own aesthetics studio! In this studio I created a relaxed, cozy vibe where we can really sit down and talk skin care/beauty. This way we decide what treatments and products are best for you. Come here facials, consultations, peels, body treatments, and so much more. My passion in life is making others feel radiant inside and out, each time someone leaves relaxed and glowing my heart is full.