What is our mission?

  Our mission is to give you the best for your skin and body.  What does that mean to us exactly?  Our vision consists of two main components; the first is to be able to provide you with amazing, all natural skin care products.  Secondly, to share as much of our skin care knowledge as possible.  We want our skin care users to feel empowered!

Why all natural, handpicked ingredients?

We believe that body wellness is extremely important to living a healthy lifestyle, from your diet to the daily products you use. Your skin is your largest organ and the products we apply are absorbed into our bodies. All of scrub me’s products are free of chemicals, harsh detergents, and man made preservatives in order to avoid any harm caused by synthetic materials. Every oil, essential oil, plant, or fiber that go into our products are specifically chosen because of their natural, beneficial properties to your skin. Mother Earth has provided us with everything we need to take care of ourselves and we love to take advantage!

Sharing knowledge.

  This company was founded by a licensed esthetician with a real passion for skin care.  We feel it is our duty to take all the knowledge we have gained in the skin care field and share it with the world.  There is so much to learn and know in the ever growing field and we are here to help guide you.  Through our informational blogs, we are able to share information that will better help you understand your skin, your body, and the science behind skin care.  We want you to feel more empowered when it comes to your skin and body.  Knowledge is power!