Battle of the Aromas: natural vs. synthetic

     Scrub me has a mission, to provide our customers with the best natural and organic products.  We believe in only using all natural essential oils in our body treatment products.  A lot of our regular buyers ask us, why do we use essential oil only?  Is natural really better?  We set out to answer these questions and found a few pros and cons when it comes to natural and synthetic aroma oils.

the difference between fragrance oil and essential oil

    We chose lavender essential oil and compared it to lavender fragrance oil.  At scrub me we love Bulgarian lavender essential oil.  It not only gives our lavender soaps, scrubs, and butters an amazing sweet lavender scent but it also has many benefits for your skin and body.  Bulgarian lavender essential oil is produced just like many other essential oils; essential oils are extracted from actual plants through a process of steam distillation.  A different process entails using other naturally occurring plant substances to help extract the materials from a plant to create an essential oil.

scrub me secret: We choose to use Bulgarian lavender instead of other lavender essential oils on the market  because of its high quality.  It is steam distilled from specific Bulgarian lavender plants ensuring the best lavender scent and high quality oil.

    Essential oils have added benefits that synthetic fragrance oils do not.  Lavender essential oil provides soothing properties for inflamed or irritated skin.  They also aid in calming your senses, relieving headaches and stress.  Other essential oils provide you with different properties such as, muscle relief, deodorizers, disinfectant properties and many more.


    How does lavender fragrance oil compare to lavender essential oil?  A synthetic lavender fragrance oil is an aroma oil that mimics a lavender plant.  These fragrance oils are manufactured in labs and contain an array of ingredients.  Some cosmetic companies might choose to use a fragrance oil over an essential oil for a few reasons.  Fragrance oils are more cost effective, the scent of the oil is stronger for longer and also fragrance oils have a larger variety of scents.  Lavender fragrance oil is approximately $3.00 per ounce while lavender essential oils comes in at about $21.00 per ounce.  With cost of essential oils being more than 5x a fragrance oil many companies are drawn to synthetic fragrance over natural.  Also because fragrance oils contain more chemicals and preservatives, their scent is stronger for a longer amount of time.  Other reasons a company might choose a fragrance over an essential oil would be because of the wide range synthetic scents have.  Aromas like bubblegum, vanilla icing, and clean linen are not found in nature but can be created in a lab.

scrub me secret: Use your essential oils creatively!  If you want a fun, different scent but don't want to turn to fragrance oils try combining essential oils.  We tried coffee mixed with cinnamon essential oil and made a yummy cinnamon latte soap.

Harsh chemicals can cause redness, sensitivity and irritation

Harsh chemicals can cause redness, sensitivity and irritation

    Most cosmetic companies choose fragrance over essential oils to use in their products.  Scrub me chooses essential oils because we believe and have learned they are more beneficial for our customers.  Fragrance oils and synthetic materials contain chemicals and ingredients that can be harmful.  Some common ingredients in fragrance oil include acetone, ethanol, and g-Terpinen.  These are just a few ingredients among many others that have been known to have harmful effects on skin and body.  Acetone sensitizes skin and causes irritation.  Both ethanol and g-Terpinen have been linked to central nervous system disorders and g-Terpinen alone can cause asthma.  Even though fragrance oils are regulated by the research institute for fragrance materials (RIFM) we still believe synthetic fragrance oils to have health risks.  The FDA does not police cosmetic and fragrance materials as closely as our food and drugs.  It is required that a company list the word "fragrance" on an ingredient label but none of the materials used to make the fragrance.  This means that if it takes 15 ingredients to make a lavender fragrance oil you will not be seeing those listed on your ingredient label.  A draw back on having an essential oil in your products would be if someone has an allergy to something in nature.  For example, if a buyer had an allergy to lavender but still wanted a lavender scented product we would suggest a synthetic lavender scent rather than essential oil.  However fragrance oils do not provide the same benefits that essential oils do, they are merely just for scent.

   All in all, we feel that we are making the best choice for skin and bodies to use only natural essential oils in our products.  The benefits received from these oils are one of the main reasons we love to incorporate them into our body treatment products.  We love to use as few ingredients as possible to avoid allergies and irritations.  We want the best for our buyers and want everyone to know exactly what they are putting on their skin.  Happy scrubbing!