Scrub me takes you back to school

  Scrub me has skin care down to a science; when you really think about it that’s exactly what it is, science!  Different ingredients play different roles in helping to achieve the results you desire from your products.  What makes a face cream anti-aging?  Why should I choose a certain spot treatment over others?  How will this serum correct my dark spotting?

   The most important knowledge gained in aesthetics school was about the ingredients that go into skin care products.  There are hundreds of products on the market that all claim to have different effects; lifting, tightening, brightening, hydrating…but how do we know what really works?  Scrub me is here to school you on some ingredient knowledge.  We have compiled a list of some of our favorite organic and non-organic ingredients for skin wellness.

   We love organic skin care!  So it only seems fitting to start out with our list of some of our favorite organic ingredients.  We’ve listed our most treasured one first.

  • Vitamin C- When you see this ingredient on your ingredient label, get excited! Vitamin C can benefit all skin types and rarely is known to cause reaction or irritation. Because of this vitamin’s antioxidant properties it can help to prevent aging and damage from ultraviolet rays. Vitamin C also has brightening effects when a high percentage is in the product (10% or higher). This ingredient is great to look for in serums, masks and moisturizers

Scrub me secret: Antioxidants are our skin’s best friend.  After the age of 25 collagen and elastin production greatly decreases.  We want to preserve as much as possible, antioxidants help do this for us. 

Use of clay to detox pores

Use of clay to detox pores

  • Vitamin E- This vitamin is also an antioxidant but unlike vitamin C it also has moisturizing properties. Vitamin E is a great ingredient for cleansers, serums and moisturizers. You will often see this in products that are for dry or aging skin. It can also help to sooth irritated skin, making it a wonderful candidate to be included in calming products as well.

  • Oatmeal- The most calming of all the ingredients. Oatmeal contains a special lipid formation and calming properties that not only soothe skin, but also provides a light hydration. This ingredient is commonly seen in skin care products, especially ones that cater to sensitive skin. Products for dehydrated or aging skin will also be more effective with this ingredient.

  • Clay- This works best to detoxify by pulling impurities up and out of the skin. This ingredient is not ideal for all skin types and is best to be used in moderation. For best results use your products containing clay less than four times a week. We love clay because it is such a great natural spot treatment for pimples or blackheads. While detoxifying your skin it also soaks up all the oil from the surface and in pores. Overuse of clay can result in dryness or irritation. Clay is best to have in facial cleansers, spot treatments or masks.

Scrub me secret: Products that contain organic ingredients tend to have a shorter shelf life because they do not contain chemical preservatives.  Refrigeration or keeping these products in a cool dark place could give your item a longer shelf life.

  Organic ingredients are our preference, especially when formulating our own products.  However, if you are looking for a little more action or quicker results you may be drawn to non-organic skin care.  These are a few ingredients we have found to have great effects on skin.

Glycol acid treatment

Glycol acid treatment

  • Glycolic acid- This acid is a wonderful exfoliating treatment that can help skin to look healthier and brighter. Glycolic acid can sink deeply into the layers of the skin and eat away dead cells and unwanted debris. In various products this acid can come in different percentages. Items to use at home should have 10% or less of glycolic acid. Any more than that and you can risk irritating and unbalancing your skin. Glycolic acid peels are also popular at spas and dermatologist offices to improve tone and texture of skin. This ingredient is best to look for in cleansers, serums, spot treatments or as a professional treatment.

  • Salicylic acid- With a similar name as the item listed above, salicylic acid actually has a very different effect on skin. You will see this ingredient in most products for acne and congestion. This acid eats away oils on the skins surface and stops excess oil production from the pores. In a low percentage (2% or lower), products with this ingredient can be used up to once a day. With anti-inflammatory properties along with oil clearing benefits this is perfect for anyone with acneic or excessively oily skin. Salicylic acid can be found in any skin care product but we like it best in spot treatments or lotions.

  • Hydroquinone- When you hear of “bleaching creams” or “skin lightening” agents this ingredient will most likely be seen on the label. Hydroquinone is often seen in skin care that is prescribed from a dermatologist but you can also find it occurring in small percentages in retailed items. The function of this ingredient is to lighten dark spots on skin caused by sun, inflammation or hormonal changes. Hydroquinone is highly effective but can have reverse effects if used too aggressively. This means if you use products that include this too much or too often your dark spots will not fade from your skin. We recommend that you only use this ingredient under supervision of a professional and follow their specific instructions. Hydroquinone will commonly be seen in spot treatments, lotions or as professional treatments.

scrub me secret: when choosing from non-organic products looks for ones with a small number of ingredients or ones that you recognize.  Try and stay away from anything scented as this can add a number of skin irritating ingredients that are not needed in your product.

Now that we’ve put you through a crash course in skin care knowledge, go get to researching!  Start with your items that you use on your skin at home.  Read over the labels and see if there are any ingredients you might recognize.  Next time you are out shopping for your skin read over the ingredients instead of going by the name of the product or the promised results.  Scrub me is dedicated to skin wellness and we are so grateful to be able to share our ever growing knowledge.  Feel free to contact us with any skin care or product questions; we would love to answer them.  Happy scrubbing!