Thinking outside the label

  Today we are breaking the rules on the directions label and getting a little creative.  Some scrub me™ products can be used in multiple ways.  After reading this your butters will no longer be just for hydrating skin, scrubs will be used for more than scrubbing, and your soaps will be found in places other than the shower.  We hope you have fun with these great tips, tricks, and scrub me secrets.


Use whipped shea butter as...

  Makeup remover: Oils help to break down stubborn mascara, eyeliners, and foundations.  Apply a thick layer of butter all over face or specifically to areas you want to remove makeup.  Using finger tips, rub in circular motions to loosen and lift makeup.  Remove product with cotton balls or a dry cloth.  Cleanse after and continue with skin care routine.  

scrub me secret: some makeup removers can strip oils or irritate skin.  Using an oil will insure your skin stays balanced before cleansing. 


Tame frizz or use as a hair mask: Shea butter hydrates damaged hair while coconut oil gives it strength and shine.  To use as a hair mask, thoroughly coat damp hair with butter and comb through.  We like to tie our hair up in a bun while the treatment sits.  Leave on for at least an hour or as long as you desire.  Cleanse deeply with shampoo to remove mask and say hello to soft, shiny hair!

scrub me secret: you can also use scrub me™ shea butter to tame brows or hydrate lashes overnight.  


Use a soap bar as...

Makeup brush cleaner: Since our soaps are made with high quality nourishing oils and deeply cleansing ingredients they are able to clean your brushes and keep them in good condition.  Definitely use a bar that will be for this purpose only so as to not transfer any possible bacteria.  Simply wet the soap and create a small amount of suds with your hands.  Then wet the makeup brush and rub onto bar in circular motions.  After this, thoroughly rinse the brush and mold the bristles back into shape before placing on a towel to dry.

scrub me secret: we recommend using our 'invigorating' or 'restoring' soap bar to cleanse brushes.  the eucalyptus essential oil in these bars has disinfectant properties that are great for killing bacteria.   


Bubble bath: Love one of our soap bars so much you wish it was a bubble bath?  You're in luck, a lightly foaming bubble bath can be made from a small piece of scrub me™ soap.  Using a zester or a small cheese grater, finely grate the soap until you have about 1/4 cup of "soap zest".  The finer the soap is grated the better this will work.  Add the "soap zest" to your bath when it is about half way full and enjoy!

scrub me secret: the coconut oil in our soaps is what make the bars extra sudsy.  Our toning, clarifying, and restoring bars do not contain coconut oil.  These bars are not best to try as bubble bath.


Room freshener or drawer sachet: Since our soaps are made with essential oils they have great aromatic uses also.  Take a fresh, unused bar and place it on a shelf or a hidden area in your desired room.  After a couple of hours the aroma will fill the room!  It is best to try this trick in a small, enclosed room like a bathroom or closet.  To use as a drawer sachet, wrap the soap in a light cloth or tissue and place it in the back of the drawer. Your fabrics will pick up some of the scent from the sachet.  When trying either of these ideas we suggest using one of our more fragrant bars such as: sweet fennel man soap, patchouli man soap, cedarwood & eucalyptus man soap, moroccan mint herbal bar, or restoring soap bar.  You may use any bar you would like but some essential oils are not as strong as others.


Use sea salt scrubs as...

  Bath or foot soak: Epsom and dead sea salts in our scrubs are incredibly detoxifying for your body.  For this reason, they can double as a detoxifying soak.  Add about 1/3 cup of scrub to your bath or a little less for just a foot soak.  Salts will draw toxins from the body and increase circulation while sweet almond and coconut oils moisturize skin.

scrub me secret: foot detoxes are popular because circulation can be greatly improved through your feet.  Also a foot detox helps circulate lymph in the blood that in turn drains toxins from the body.


Use butter (lip) balm as...

  Protective coat for winter dry spots: During winter and cold seasons, the wind, snow, and sleet can cause irritated and dry spots on our skin.  Applying the butter balm to the sensitive areas on face, neck, or hands can help protect and heal these spots.  Candelilla wax creates a protective barrier against the elements while shea butter and coconut oil absorb into skin.  This works best if applied over SPF or makeup right before stepping out into the cold.  When you return inside simply blot away the excess balm with blotting paper or tissue.

  Balm for dog paws: Your pup's paws can get cracked, dry, and itchy.  Apply the balm to their paw pads and gently rub in.  The nourishing oils in the balm will heal paws and the wax protects from further damage.


  scrub me secret BONUS! guide to a one minute manicure:

1) Cleanse hand with any scrub me™ exfoliating soap bar.  This will cleanse away surface dirt and oils and start increasing circulation to hands.

2) Exfoliate each nail bed with your desired sea salt body scrub.  Focusing on nail beds will soften cuticles and nourish nail proteins.

3) Hydrate each nail bed with a small amount of shea butter.  Massage the butter thoroughly into each nail bed to ensure best penetration of the oils.

4) Enjoy soft hands and shiny clean nails!


Happy scrubbing!