All cleansers are not created equal

   Everyone knows that one person, or maybe you are this person who doesn't believe they need a specific cleanser or products for their face.  Basic bar soap, body wash, or even shampoo is an acceptable cleanser for the person.  When their face feels problem!  They've got Vaseline or that bottle of Jergens body lotion that will do the job.  As an esthetician, I spend extra time with these clients to educate them about the difference between the skin on our face vs. the skin on our body.  Its important to use products only intended for facial care when treating our face and neck.  Even though our skin is one large organ, it functions differently in different places.  The skin on our body is less reactive and more resilient.  This means we can use a broad range of products on our body but our face needs more specific ingredients.  All cleansers, exfoliants and moisturizers are not created equal.   

scrub me secret: the skin on our face contains far more pores per square inch vs. the skin on our body.  this is why breakouts and sensitivities are more common on the face.  we need to keep our delicate pores clean and balanced. 


  Body cleansers are different from cleaners for your face.  Some soaps and body washes contain harsh detergents and antibacterial to help with sweat and body odor.  These ingredients can irritate your delicate facial skin and cause itching, breakouts, redness and break down the protective layer of your skin on your face.  Other body washes like our soaps do not contain these sensitizing ingredients; these soaps are still not ideal for facial cleansing.  Facial cleansers should be formulated with more nourishing oils and mild ingredients.

Our  toning bar  is for facial and body cleansing. This bar contains babassu oil.

Our toning bar is for facial and body cleansing. This bar contains babassu oil.

scrub me secret: our body soaps contain coconut oil and other oils that can clog the small pores on the face.  in our facial soaps we use babassu oil, a non-pore clogging oil which is a better option for your face.


  While you may not visibly see any adverse effects from using natural or sensitive body soaps on your face, you still may be damaging your skin.  Not only do our facial bars contain babassu oil, they also contain other ingredients that are more beneficial for our facial skin.  For example, we infuse oils with calendula flowers to make our clarifying bar; your skin will reap the healing benefits!  Facial cleansers can be used on the body although they tend to be more expensive.  They contain premium ingredients that some do not want to waste on their resilient skin.  If you decide to use a facial bar for your body we suggest using a separate one for your face to avoid transferring bacteria from your body.  Cleansing is just the first step, if we don't use the right products this can effect your whole skin care routine.

This is an amazing exfoliation method for the body. Unfortunately it is too aggressive for the face.

This is an amazing exfoliation method for the body. Unfortunately it is too aggressive for the face.

    If you've read any of our other blogs I'm sure it's clear that scrub me® loves exfoliation.  There are so many ways to exfoliate skin, sometimes it's hard to figure out what is okay to use on your face and what is not.  Since the skin on our body is so resilient the range of exfoliants we can use is wide.  Our sea salt body scrub provides a great, stimulating exfoliation anywhere below the neck.  Delicate facial skin cannot handle a salt scrub, the tissues would tear and skin would become sensitized.

scrub me secret: the skin on our face gets more sensitive with age, due to aging and environmental effects.  we need to use more gentle exfoliation methods when tending to our face.  if you are unsure how you will react to a product, do a spot test on your jawline or behind your ear.


  Natural ingredients to scrub your face need to be small and have soft edges.  scrub me® has been experimenting with crushed rose hip and grape seed; both are excellent anti-aging ingredients!  Fine coffee grounds are gentle enough to use on your face and are also great for body exfoliation.  There are other ways to exfoliate other than using scrubbing products.  Other exfoliation products contain ingredients like lactic and glycolic acids; these acids essentially "eat up" dead skin cells and stimulate living cells.  These types of exfoliators should be used on the face in low doses.  If these low dosage products are used on the body the skin might actually require extra exfoliation.  Products that are meant for the body usually have a higher dose of these exfoliating ingredients; do not use products like this on the face, it can cause rashes, redness, itching, or even scarring.  scrub me® has a ton of great exfoliation options for the body, sea salt scrub, man soaps, felted soaps.  Everyone is always asking "Do you have a facial exfoliant?"  Not to worry, we are in the process of working on it!  Since the health of your facial skin is so precious to us, we want to make sure we produce a top notch facial exfoliant.  New things are coming soon!

Coffee grounds are great for face or body exfoliation . Caffeine helps circulation in skin.

Coffee grounds are great for face or body exfoliation. Caffeine helps circulation in skin.

scrub me secret: water loss happens in the skin on our face first.  this is why we need to hydrate our faces everyday to keep the skin nourished.  the skin on our bodies can retain moisture for a bit longer.


  Moisturizing is the last step in the skin care routine (right before SPF!).  As you can probably guess, body lotions can cause congestion and breakouts on your face.  Many body lotions on the market contain fragrance oils and these oils can be irritating to sensitive skin.  Even though our whipped shea butter contains coconut oil it is a low percentage compared to the shea butter.  A thin layer can be applied the face to deeply moisturize and a thicker layer for the body.  Hydrating serums are also a great way to get your nourishment.  Serums sink deeply into skin, hydrating layers that lotions and moisturizers can't.  However you decide to deliver hydration to your skin remember to use non- pore clogging products for your face.

scrub me secret: lots of products advertise themselves as non-comedogenic.  what does this mean?  comedogenic means "pore clogging".  non-comedogenic means non-pore clogging.  these are the type of products that are better for your face.


  Don't forget about the skin on your body; even though it doesn't need as much moisture as the skin on your face we tend to neglect it too much.  Moisturize with your favorite moisturizer at least three times a week to keep your skin healthy.  Lavender whipped shea butter is our favorite! 

    scrub me® is dedicated to making sure your skin can be its absolute best, no matter what area its located.  Proper skin care and use of products is so important to having happy healthy skin.  We are constantly learning, growing, and creating new things for you.  Next time you think about taking the easy way out and cleansing your face with a body wash, think again!  Or maybe pass this blog along to a friend or family member in need of some skin care knowledge.  Happy scrubbing!