scrub me's new way to mask

No better way to relax than with your favorite mask.

No better way to relax than with your favorite mask.

  Here at scrub me™ we generally don't like to play favorites with products, but our new powder mask and nourishing serum combo may be an exception.  With so few ingredients and so many benefits for every skin type, this could easily become your favorite facial product.

scrub me secret: When we think of antioxidants in skin care, we usually associate them with anti-aging products. Their ability to protect skin's proteins and fade lines and wrinkles is what makes them so popular for anti-aging.  Antioxidants also heal scarring, reduce inflammation from breakouts and brighten skin.  This means all skin types can benefit from these types of ingredients. 


find the scrub me™ nourishing serum and antioxidant mask under 'other items'

find the scrub me™ nourishing serum and antioxidant mask under 'other items'

  Let's get into exactly what is in the antioxidant powder mask.  As you know, our mission here at scrub me™ is to use ingredients that your skin and body can benefit from.  Therefore, we picked our favorite antioxidant-rich ingredients and made the perfect blend.  Crushed grape seed provides most of the exfoliation in this mask and also has the ability to reduce the negative effects of sun.  Crushed rose hip is a finer powder than grape seed but still has light exfoliation properties. Rose hip is known for treating aging skin and wrinkles.  This ingredient is also amazing for acneic skin types because it helps to heal scarring more quickly.  Green tea extract is another fine powder that can reduce inflammation in breakouts and heal scarring.  Collagen and elastin cells benefit greatly from this tea extract; it can block environmental enzymes that break down those proteins.  Cucumber peel extract and activated charcoal are the only two powders in our mask that are not antioxidants.  Cucumber peel firms and balances our skin while activated charcoal detoxifies pores.  The blend of these ingredients is a healthy and safe way to treat your skin no matter what your concern may be.

scrub me secret: Vitamins A, C, and E are very common in skin care products.  All these vitamins happen to be antioxidants with slightly different properties.  Vitamin A helps cell turnover, reducing scarring and smoothing texture.  Vitamin C brightens skin and protects collagen and elastin from breaking down.  Vitamin E helps skin to retain moisture and provides nourishment.


  Our powder mask can be mixed with water to create a mask paste but, for best results, we recommend mixing it with our nourishing serum.  This serum is a new hydrator we formulated to have a lightweight finish.  Oily and acneic skin types prefer this hydrator over our whipped shea butter.  Our nourishing serum is a base of jojoba oil with added fractionated coconut oil, argan oil, and carrot seed and lavender essential oils.  Jojoba oil mimics skin's natural oils, which means it is able to absorb more quickly into skin and leaves a non-greasy finish.  Fractionated coconut oil and argan oil give skin a little more nourishment.  Carrot seed and lavender essential oils provide antioxidant and soothing properties to the serum.

scrub me secret: carrot seed essential oil is one of our favorites! Despite its earthy aroma, everything about this essential oil is appealing.  It has the ability to reduce wrinkles, heal infections, detoxify the body, and firm skin. Talk about multifunctional!


  How to use your powder mask and nourishing serum....

If you have dry/aging skin: Use this combo 5-7 times a week along with your normal skin-care routine.  Make sure you spend at least a full 60 seconds massaging the mask into your skin to get a good exfoliation.  Let the mask sit for about 5 more minutes before removing.  After, massage the nourishing serum into skin in upward, lifting motions.  This routine will firm, hydrate, and brighten skin.

scrub me secret: the less serum you add to the powder mask the more gritty the texture will be.  adding less serum will give you a more aggressive exfoliation while more serum will give you more slip and glide while scrubbing.


If you have oily/sensitive/acneic skin: Use this mask 3 times a week and the nourishing serum once a day, in the evening, after cleansing.  This will replace your exfoliant in your skin care routine and the nourishing serum will be your new moisturizer.  Mix the powder with a good amount of serum so you get a nice smooth paste. Apply the mask with hands or a brush and let sit for 10 minutes.  Remove with cool or lukewarm water and apply a light amount of nourishing serum.  This routine will balance oils, fade scarring, strengthen skin, and prevent future breakouts.

If you have normal/combination skin: Use this combo 3-5 times a week along with your normal skin-care routine; you can skip your normal moisturizer on days you do this routine.  Add the appropriate amount of serum to powder mask and apply.  Massage into skin for more exfoliation or let sit for 10 minutes for a more healing treatment.  Apply serum after to complete the treatment.  This routine will help keep your skin strong, healthy, and balanced.

scrub me secret: if you have a normal skin type with no real concerns, applying the right mask could still benefit your skin greatly!  When the skin is balanced, happy, and healthy it receives the benefits from products so much better than unbalanced or problematic skin.  Our skin's barrier is able to accept and benefit from the ingredients to their fullest.


  Want to try the mask and serum combo on your skin?  Shop now at and enter code 'FreeShipping' to receive free delivery!  Also,  follow us on instagram at @_scrubme to find a short video tutorial of this routine.  Don't forget to tag us when posting selfies in your new scrub me™ mask.  Happy scrubbing!