How to Have Your Best Morning

  Here at scrub me™ skin care we need to make the most of each day.  We've found that starting our morning off right is key for having a balanced, productive day.  Instead of giving ourselves just enough time to hop out of bed, shower, get ready and run out the door, we give ourselves a bit of extra time to go through the little routine we've cultivated.  Yes, most days we are tired when we wake up but our day wouldn't be complete without this routine.  Keep in mind, these are steps for an ideal morning.  Sometimes even we get too busy to do everything.  We understand that everyone has a different schedule and, for some, checking every practice off this list isn't completely doable.  Use this as an idea guide to see what works best for you!

scrub me secret: our morning routine involves waking up fairly early.  this doesn't mean we are sacrificing our sleep.  we always try to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep.  it's important for the health of our skin and body to sleep.  we recommend everyone get at least 6 hours of sleep every evening.


  • Give yourself a couple extra minutes to get up after you wake up. 

wake up.jpeg

  Our morning routine takes us about 1 hour from start to finish (add another 45min to that if we are hitting the gym).  When setting our alarm the evening before we allow ourselves enough time for our routine and then add in about 10 minutes to let our body wake up slowly.  For some, this might mean hitting the snooze button and falling back asleep for another few minutes.  For others, this could mean taking some time to stretch or cuddle with your pet.  We personally usually take the extra 5-10 minutes to fall back asleep.  This simple act of taking this extra time for yourself to gently wake is something can help start your day with less stress.

  • Stretch, walk, or exercise.    

working out.jpg

Movement is key in waking your body and brain.  Getting your oxygen and circulation moving will help you feel less tired or achy when you start your day.  Most days we hit the gym for a 40-minute workout.  This could be jogging, swimming, or weight training.  On these days we wake up at 5:40 am instead of 6:45 am.  These times will vary for everyone since all schedules are different but we just wanted to give you an idea of what a typical morning is like for us.  If you don't have a lot of extra time, small things like walking the dog, going for a walk yourself, doing a 20 minute at-home yoga session, stretching, or even tidying up the house for 10-20 minutes are all great ideas for getting up and moving.  This step is really something that we see as self-care and wellness.  Doing something like this before we even shower or start getting ready for the day gives us time to check in with ourselves and get our thoughts in order before all the hustle and bustle starts.  This time should be seen as fun and enjoyable.  We try not to engage with our phones or tablets unless we are listening to music or a podcast.  No texting, calls, or emails to offer distractions.

scrub me secret: we like to use the headspace app for guided meditation.  we usually fit our 5-15 minutes of seated meditation later in the afternoon or during our lunch break.  sometimes we opt for a walking meditation option that we do in the morning.  the app guides you through a 10-minute session you can do while walking to relax your mind and relieve stress.

  • Shower (warm then cold) and use amazing skincare!

Our  invigorating bar  will really help wake you up in the morning!

Our invigorating bar will really help wake you up in the morning!

Showering in the morning is something else that really helps get our circulation going and awakens the senses.  Using warm water instead of scalding hot will help your skin to stay healthy, balanced, and soft.  We won't go into a full facial care routine right now, we will save that for later in the month.  Using hair and body products that contain essential oils and luxurious ingredients will not only help your skin and hair to feel fresh and healthy but will also treat your senses with amazing aromatherapy.  If you refer back to our "Relieving Stress, Simply" blog you'll find out that aroma from essential oils will send signals to your brain within seconds!  Using invigorating essential oils like eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, or lemon will help wake you up.  Essential oils like lavender, chamomile, or ylang-ylang will help alleviate some stress and anxiety.  After completing our hair care and skin routine we always like to do something that isn't very comfortable, but we love it!  We take our warm, relaxing shower and turn it super cold.  We picked up this tip a few years ago from other professionals in the beauty industry.  When the hair is rinsed with cold water it helps for the follicles to close and tighten, making the hair look smoother and shinier.  The same thing happens when the skin is rinsed with the cold water, pores close and tighten helping the skin appear smoother.  A cold rinse will also invigorate your body and help you wake right up.  We usually rinse off in the cold water for less than 2 minutes.  A short time is all you need.

scrub me secret: look out for a full AM/PM skin care routine coming from our owner & esthetician, Katherine.  Later in the month, she will share her full product regimen and other facial care techniques she uses to keep her skin healthy and glowing!

  • Prepare sustenance.


Preparing a breakfast for yourself doesn't have to be a daunting task.  We find it almost therapeutic!  When we make breakfast for ourselves on a typical day it takes no longer than 15 minutes and only about 5 to eat (insert bashful face emoji).  Taking this time to fuel our mind and body is something that's really important.  Eating a healthy, balanced breakfast, no matter how small, can help fight brain fog, boost your endurance, and ward off midday sluggishness.  Feeling our best ensures that we can work hard and stay sharp all day long.  Some of our favorite, fast breakfasts include a toasted english muffin with nut butter, fruit/veggie smoothie with protein powder, almond yogurt with berries and granola, or a serving of almonds with an apple if we are in a real rush.  These are just some simple, easy options. 

scrub me secret: if you're getting in a morning workout you'll want to get a good amount of protein plus some carbs in your breakfast.  having protein post-workout will help your muscles to repair themselves faster, and having carbs will fight muscle fatigue and soreness.  something like a protein smoothie with fruit in it is perfect.  

  • Organize yourself and your schedule.

This is our last step before heading out for the day.  Our morning routine is all about feeling stress-free and setting ourselves up for the best day possible.  We know the day is going to be busy and move very quickly so we want to do as many things as we can to make it run smoothly.  It takes just a few minutes to look over your schedule or list of tasks for that specific day.  There is no need to start checking items off your "to do" list right that second, just getting a feel for what your day will look like.  This will alleviate the feeling of being overwhelmed once you start working.  Also, taking the time to check if you have all the items you need is something that's better to do when you're feeling relaxed vs. feeling rushed.  Remembering simple items like phone, wallet, snacks, laptop, etc. is much easier when you aren't running out the door!

We'll be honest, the one uncomfortable part of this morning routine is training yourself to wake up a bit earlier than usual.  Like we said before, you should be getting at least 7 hours of sleep per evening.  If your body is properly rested it should be easy to shake your grogginess pretty quickly.  This little self-care routine is really something we look forward to on a daily basis.  Going to give this morning ritual a try for yourself?  Let us know what you think in the comment section!