Upgrade your Wellness Routine with Hot/Cold Showers

Today we are sharing a wellness tip that is going to totally enhance your health & beauty rituals! What if we told you you’ve already got something at home that will boost your immune system, fight depression, give you shinier hair, and healthier skin? Would you believe us? Well all you need is access to a shower to be able to take advantage of this amazing wellness tip!

scrub me secret (from the owner): I eased into the hot/cold shower routine by adding a cold rinse to the end of each AM shower. I did this for about a month and then transitioned into a full hot/cold shower. It feels amazing!


Benefits of a Hot/Cold Shower :

  • Improves circulation

  • Relieves stress & fights depression

  • Boosts immune system

  • Results in shinier hair & healthier skin

  • Fights muscle soreness

    scrub me secret: finishing off a shower with a cold rinse closes the cuticles of our hair, helping it stay shiny and healthy looking. rinsing with cool water also rejuvenates skin & fights inflammation. enjoy radiant skin and hair!

Hot/Cold Shower Facts:

  • Hot/Cold baths and showers date back thousands of years, starting off in the Roman and Greek civilizations.

  • The contrast between hot water stimulating blood flow & cold water creating vasoconstriction increases circulation and lymph movement. This helps improve the immune system.

  • Hot water soothes sore muscles, while a cold rinse aids in recovery after exercise.

  • Hot/Cold bathing therapies and saunas are popular, luxury spa & wellness treatments.

    scrub me secret: a man named Wim Hof is nicknamed ‘the iceman’ for his beliefs in cold exposure related to health; also for his number of records broken pertaining to frozen temps.

Hot/Cold Shower Method:

  • Start your shower with warm/hot water as you usually do.

  • Suds yourself with your favorite soap for a couple minutes.

  • Dial your faucet to cold water, think ice cold! Start off with a 15 second rinse and work your way up to 30+seconds.

  • Turn the faucet back to warm/hot water. (sweet relief!) Shampoo your hair during this time or just enjoy the warmth for 1.5- 2 minutes.

  • Time for an icy rinse again! 15-30 seconds.

  • Dial your faucet to warm again and condition your hair or use a hydrating hair mask. If you wash your face in the shower this is a good time to do it. This should last about 1-2min.

  • Another cool rinse! Just remember, your body is totally loving this. Try to get in a full 30 seconds.

  • Turn the water to warm/hot one last time and make sure any product is fully rinsed off hair and skin.

  • Always end your shower with a cold rinse to make your hair shiny and skin healthy! This rinse we usually keep shorter, about 15 seconds.

    scrub me secret: if you don’t think you can handle this hot/cold shower routine right away we suggest starting with a 20-30 second cold rinse at the end of each shower. you’ll still reap major hair, skin, and health benefits!


We challenge you to try this hot/cold shower routine, once a day, for 10 days straight! After you 10 days, contact us or comment in the comment section below and tell us how you feel. We will send you a 10oz scrub of your choosing!