Buff & Brighten Your Body!

There’s a reason we named our company “scrub me”; we absolutely love a good full body exfoliation! Scrubbing the skin on our body isn’t just for buffing away and softening dry skin, it also helps keep skin firm and youthful. Full body exfoliation brings circulation and oxygen flow to the skin’s surface, helping keep your proteins happy and healthy. Using some type of body scrub, loofah, exfoliating soap, or dry brush on your body a few times a week will keep your skin firmer for longer. Think of exfoliating like a mini fountain of youth!

scrub me secret: collagen and elastin are proteins in our skin that keep it feeling firm and looking radiant. if we don’t care for these proteins properly they start decreasing around the age of 25/30 and our skin starts to loose firmness and elasticity. when we give these proteins healthy stimulation via exfoliating it extends their life.

Here we are listing our favorite ways to scrub your body. Each of these methods has slightly different benefits. One thing we know for sure is adding any type of exfoliation to your skin care routine for your body is going to make your skin very happy!


buff-puff or loofah

Using a buff-puff or a loofah is a more gentle way to exfoliate your skin in the shower. You can apply your cleanser of choice straight to your loofah or suds up your skin first and then scrub. This exfoliation method is great for sensitive skin and also someone that wants a low maintenance skin care routine.

scrub me secret: we love these buff-puffs called Viabuffs! the large shower buff has both a gentle side and then a side with a bit more scrubbing power if you want to give yourself a deeper exfoliation. these particular buffs are a different texture than others we have found and we think they work amazing. we also really like that they are machine washable.


body scrub

This is one of our favorites! We love using a body scrub product because of the multiple benefits it provides for your skin. Scrub products have both exfoliating ingredients and nourishing oils to make your skin extra soft. Using a body scrub requires a little more effort than a loofah or exfoliating soap; we actually see this as a good thing because it makes your shower feel like an upgraded spa experience. Body scrubs come in a wide variety of recipes so there is something for every skin type. We recommend this type of exfoliation 2-3 times a week.

scrub me secret: body scrubs have three common bases: coffee, sea salt, or sugar. we make our body scrubs with sea salt because we really love the detoxifying benefits of the salt and the fact that it’s rich in minerals. sugar is a really great texture for a body scrub and coffee provides extra firming effects.


dry brushing

Whenever someone asks us how to fade away their cellulite or firm up their arms or legs we always suggest dry brushing. This exfoliation method is when you take a dry brush (like the one pictured) and buff your skin in circular motions while it’s completely dry. This stimulates a lot of circulation and oxygen flow for your skin, helping it feel firmer. Results from this method aren’t immediate. Consistently dry brushing your body every day or every other day is key to seeing your best results. You’ll start noticing smoother, firmer skin in time!

scrub me secret: you can also apply a body oil to your skin before you start the dry brushing process. A light layer of grape seed, jojoba, or argan oil will still allow for a powerful exfoliation and add a bit of extra nutrients and antioxidants to skin.


scrubbing soap

Bar soaps with built-in exfoliating ingredients are another scrubbing method for anyone who wants something quick and easy. Scrubbing soaps can contain ingredients like ground loofah, ground coffee, seeds, or salt. Just grab your bar, start cleansing, and you’ll feel your exfoliating happening in the process. We suggest following up your shower with a body butter or oil to balance out this cleansing scrub.

scrub me secret: ‘man soaps’ are our scrubbing soaps. these soaps aren’t just for men, they’re super popular with women also! we use ingredients like poppy seeds, ground coffee, and crushed loofah.

Tell us your favorite exfoliating methods in the comments. Happy scrubbing!