CBD in Skin Care? We Say Yes!

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CBD is the new buzzword in the wellness community. Remember when everyone went crazy over coconut oil? It seems that this new “it” ingredient, CBD, is everyone’s go-to for supplements, elixirs, and skin care. Being the skin care enthusiasts we are, we wanted to put this plant-based ingredient to the test to see if it really lived up to all the hype. While we didn’t try taking CBD internally, we can definitely attest to its external benefits in skin care and topical wellness products. We are big fans of this anti-inflammatory ingredient!

scrub me secret: applying topical CBD products can do more than relieve sensitivities, inflammation, and redness in the skin. CBD body oils and massage balms help to relieve muscle soreness and tension. We’ve also seen CBD bath bombs; talk about full body relaxation!

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What is CBD?

CBD’s scientific name is cannabidiol. While cannabidoil is a part of the marijuana plant it is actually derived from the hemp plant. Hemp is different from a cannabis (marijuana) plant. CBD does not create any “high” or drugged-like feelings and according to Harvard Health Publishing research, it’s shown not to cause dependence. CBD is extracted form hemp plants via distillation to either make oil or a CBD powder.

scrub me secret: cannabis plants are plants with hundreds of different chemicals and components. CBD is just one of these hundreds of components in a marijuana plant. No need to fear this ingredient!

Adding CBD to your skin care routine:

CBD is an ingredient in a wide range of products. With it gaining so much popularity, you can find it in just about any skin care product category: cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, balms, and masks. While this ingredient is amazing for a lot of different types of skin you’ll still want to be conscious of what products you’re choosing. You’ll want to add CBD products to your routine that fit your skin type in order to get the best results.

CBD for Acne:

CBD is helpful for random breakouts and cystic acne. Its ability to relieve redness and inflammation makes it great for reducing the appearance of breakouts. It has also been shown that CBD has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. This means it fights the bacteria living in whiteheads and breakouts. More studies in the recent years have suggested that CBD can help control oil production; this is great for those with skin that produces too much oil which then clogs pores.

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Acneic skin can benefit from astringent CBD cleaners and toners. Calming CBD masks are always great for breakout prone skin. A lightweight CBD moisturizer would even be great for those with acne and inflamed breakouts.

scrub me secret: acneic and breakout prone skin types often get clogged pores easily. for these skin types we want to avoid any rich CBD based oils or thick moisturizers. just like any acne products, we want to look for items that are lightweight and non-pore clogging.

CBD for Sensitive Skin:

Those with sensitive skin, reactive skin, rosacea, and psoriasis rejoice! CBD targets and affects neurotransmitters in the body that create these inflammatory responses like rashes, bumps, rosacea flare ups, and psoriasis flare ups. Applying a topical CBD product, especially one with other added calming ingredients can visibly bring down redness and inflammation.

CBD based balms, creams, hydrating toners, and CBD bath products are all good options for sensitive skin, rosacea, or psoriasis. Products that are especially formulated for psoriasis or rosacea may have a higher concentration of CBD in order to have even more of an anti-inflammatory effect.

Lavender is one of our other favorite calming ingredients

Lavender is one of our other favorite calming ingredients

scrub me secret: products that also include ingredients like oats, lavender, aloe, and chamomile are amazing for treating flare-ups and skin sensitivities.

CBD for Anti-aging:

What’s our favorite word? Antioxidants! Cannabidoil contains antioxidants that fight damaging free radicals in the skin. In other words, it helps to slow the process of aging! CBD also contains anti-aging vitamin A and wrinkle fighting omegas. That means adding this ingredient to anti-aging skin care can boost the effects even more!

Skin nourishing masks, antioxidant rich serums, and CBD facial oils are great choices for slowing the process of aging and diminishing fine lines.

scrub me secret: products that fight inflammation, like CBD products, are also really great for normal or healthy skin types. using a CBD toner, mask, cleanser, or other product helps balance skin and fight inflammation that can come from diet, environment, or activities that make you sweat.

Ology Essentials  is on our list of CBD skin care we love!

Ology Essentials is on our list of CBD skin care we love!

We’re going to cover some of our favorite CBD skin care products in our next blog! Have any suggestions for us? Let us know in the comments section!