Our CBD Skincare Recommendations.

ology essentials toner.png

A favorite of ours:

We love trying skincare from different lines. We get especially excited about product lines that use clean, plant-based ingredients. This year we started trying CBD infused products from Ology Essentials and we fell in love!

Ology Essential toners have been our favorite products from their skincare line. These toners visibly reduce redness while infusing the skin with balancing and calming ingredients. We’ve found that these toners help the skin to be calm and refreshed.

Choose ‘blot’ if you have excess oil or ‘mature’ if you feel you need a bit more moisture.


herbivore emerald oil copy.png

Has great reviews:

When looking for the best CBD infused facial care, this facial oil from Herbivore pops up in lots of articles and comes with great reviews. We looked into this product to see if it really would deliver great results.

This nutrient-rich oil contains anti-inflammatory CBD plus quite a few effective plant-based ingredients like turmeric, mushroom extract, vitamin E, and more. Non-pore clogging, fractionated coconut in this product makes it a lighter weight oil that absorbs easily into skin but may not be ideal for congested skin types. This blend of ingredients in this facial oil will really make dry/sensitive skin glow.

This oil can be used on face or skin on the body that is feeling dry, irritated, or sensitive.

Price: $48


Amazing for anti-aging:

We found out about CannaBon products via a friend of ours who has psoriasis. Our friend was using their CBD infused body butter and said it was helping to soften and take down inflammation in psoriasis flare ups. Not only does CannaBon offer body care but they also have some carefully formulated facial products as well. This CBD infused facial moisturizer really caught our eye.

If this facial cream wasn’t infused with inflammation fighting CBD we would probably still be drawn to it! Anti-aging and anti-oxidant rich omegas and vitamins A&E really make a great recipe for a skin protecting moisturizer. The added CBD will help fight daily environmental stressors and inflammation that speed up the aging process.

If you’re in the market for a night cream or an anti-aging facial moisturizer that packs a bit more of a punch than the one you’re currently using we suggest this one! We are definitely pairing it with our nourishing serum for our winter, nighttime skin routine.

Price: $42

kiehls cbd oil.png

Best for breakout prone skin:

We love that Kiehl’s made a CBD product that is more ideal for breakout prone skin. A lot of these cannibidiol infused products are heavier weight and moisture-rich, which is great for sensitive and dry skin but not ideal for congested skin with breakouts.

A blend of CBD oil derived from hemp and green oregano oil is a nice blend for skin that is red and breaking out. We already know CBD’s job (to add that extra calming factor) but why is green oregano oil so important? This non-pore-clogging oil has both healing and antiseptic properties making it ideal for acne. This is another product with awesome reviews.

This is good for those looking for a CBD product that feels less moisture rich than the others.

Price: $49

cbd eye cream.png

CBD eye care:

This is another top rated CBD skincare item. We haven’t used this one yet but are super excited to give it a try. CBD infused eye cream with anti-aging ingredients seems like a de-puffing and firming product we need!

Cannabidiol, chamomile, coffee extract, lavender, & vitamin rich oils are all elements of this eye serum that help de-puff, firm, and restore your eye area. Keep in mind, eye creams usually take a few weeks of consistent use before you’ll notice visible results.

This eye cream is great for anyone to try out. Be sure to check the ingredient label before using to make sure there isn’t anything that can cause an allergy. Some can be sensitive around the eye area, even to plant-based ingredients.

Price: $32

cbd facial mask.png

A mask for most skin types:

Another item from Ology Essentials. What initially attracted us to this mask was the minimal list of organic ingredients.

What makes this CBD infused mask tailored for mature skin is the organic compound called DMAE. This ingredient has mild wrinkle fighting effects and supports skin’s health. Other than the CBD and DMAE, the only other two ingredients are french green clay and bentonite clay. This is why this mask is great for most skin types; this simple combo of soothing and detoxifying clays plus CBD creates a mask that many can benefit from.

We suggest using this decongesting/soothing mask twice a week at most. Clay masks should always be followed up with some type of balancing toner, hydrator, or both. This mask is also a great spot treatment for inflamed blemishes.

Price: $29