Spa-Like Bath Soaks at Home

It’s nearing the end of 2018! For some reason these last few weeks of the year always seem pretty high stress for a lot of people, us included. Between the holidays, heavy work loads, events, traveling, and super cold temperatures for some of us, it can seem a little overwhelming. We’ve found that taking the time for some great self care can really make all the difference. Pick a day or two this month where you can spare an hour to reward your skin, mind, and body to a spa-like bath soak!

scrub me secret: In our previous, November blog post we talked about magnesium and all it’s benefits. All our bath soak recipes include magnesium because of its healing mineral properties. While this ingredient can be left out of the recipes, it’s part of the reason these bath soak recipes are so luxurious and special.


Calming Dry Skin Soak

This soak recipe will soothe and moisturize dry or sensitized skin. Calming oats, kaolin clay, and chamomile provide calming benefits. Arnica oil, grape seed oil, magnesium, and calendula petals help skin to heal and hydrate.

1/2 cup magnesium flakes

1/4 cup oat flour (ground oats) or colloidal oats

1/4 cup kaolin clay

1-2 tablespoons arnica oil

1-2 tablespoons grape seed oil or Argan oil

one serving dry chamomile tea or 1 tablespoon chamomile essential oil

small handful calendula petals


Cold Relief Soak

This special blend of essential oils, magnesium, and herbs aids in congestion relief and helps repair the immune system.

1 cup magnesium flakes

1 cup epsom salt

1-2 tablespoons oregano

5 drops peppermint essential oil

5 drops tea tree essential oil

5 drops eucalyptus essential oil

scrub me secret: don’t have a bathtub but still in need of some major relaxation? Choose our ‘meditation’ or ‘cold relief’ recipe, boil a pot of water on the stove, and add the mixture to the water. You can then stand above the boiled water and inhale the aromatic steam! Leave the magnesium and epsom salts out if you choose this option.


Meditation Soak

This bath soak is for some major aromatic relaxation! Lavender, chamomile, and peppermint paired with magnesium, epsom salt, and Himalayan pink sea salt will have your mind and body feeling serene in no time.

1 cup magnesium flakes

1/2 cup epsom salt

1/2 cup Himalayan pink salt (can be substituted with epsom salt)

1 serving chamomile tea or 1/2 tablespoon chamomile essential oil

10 drops lavender essential oil

4 drops peppermint

scrub me secret: give any bath a moisturizing boost by adding a tablespoon or 2 of your favorite skin nourishing oil. we like vitamin rich, non-comedogenic oils like grape seed, Argan, and sweet almond oil just to name a few.


Deep Clean Soak

This recipe is unlike your typical bath soak. Most soaks are made to soothe skin, calm muscles, or provide aromatic benefits. This recipe we formulated to detoxify congested feeling skin while you bathe.

1 cup magnesium flakes

1 cup epsom salt

1/4 cup sea clay, kaolin clay, or aztec clay

5 drops tea tree essential oil

5 drops eucalyptus essential oil

scrub me secret: find these spa-like ingredients like magnesium flakes, Himalayan pink salt, clays, and essential oils easily at whole foods, your local wellness shop, or on amazon.


Simple Epsom Soak

This soak is made of just 2 ingredients, epsom salt and magnesium. This simple soak has aids in relief from muscle pain or fibromyalgia and also infuses the body with beneficial minerals .

2 cups epsom salt

1 cup magnesium flakes

scrub me secret: when magnesium is being absorbed into the system via the skin it is called transdermal application. this is said to be a more efficient way to get the daily dose of magnesium vs. a supplement. the minerals can absorb directly into the cells and do not have to travel through vital organs.

Magnesium for Skin Health

A few months ago, while doing research for a new scrub me™ product, a certain mineral caught our attention. Magnesium is a mineral that naturally occurs in the human body, foods, supplements, and other natural sources. From our immune system to our bone strength, magnesium plays an important role in the workings of the body. We were researching this mineral because of the topical benefits it has for the skin. Now we’d love to share our findings with you!

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Plant-Based Powerhouses

Here at scrub me™ we love plant-based ingredients that really do their work to transform the complexion. With the help of healing flowers, raw clays, plant-based antioxidants, seed oils, & more we can create all-natural, chemical free products that make a difference for our skin. We decided to pick out a few of our all-time favorite ingredients from the earth and describe what we love about them. When you love skin care as much as we do it’s hard to narrow down the list! We are currently captivated by these ingredients and you’ll find them popping up in some of our scrub me™ products.

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From the Owner: My Daily Skin Care Routine

If we've ever had the pleasure of meeting in person I'm almost certain that we've discussed my very specific skin care routine.  I like to use my personal home care routine as an example to explain how important it is to have a daily regimen at home.  Facials, treatments, and peels can only take your skin so far.  Yes, treatments like these do greatly improve your complexion, skin's health, and help you achieve your ultimate skin goals.  But, without a proper skin care routine at home, your skin cannot maintain all results in between treatments.

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How to Have Your Best Morning

  Yes, most days we are tired when we wake up but our day wouldn't be complete without this routine.  Keep in mind, these are steps for an ideal morning.  Sometimes even we get too busy to do everything.  We understand that everyone has a different schedule and, for some, checking every practice off this list isn't completely doable.  Use this as an idea guide to see what works best for you!

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SoapStandle: A Bar Soap's New Best Friend.

Our shipment of these super useful bar soap accessories has just arrived and we can't wait to share.  We have already started using one for each of our scrub me™ soaps at home and now we feel like the bars just wouldn't be the same without it.  This super genius soap saver prolongs the life of our soap, provides the bar with a small grip, and keeps the soap from sitting in a gooey puddle.

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scrub me™ loves bar soap

If you haven't already noticed, scrub me™ loves bar soap!  We make our soaps with rich oils and plant-based ingredients that help skin be at its healthiest.  There are lots of options out on the market and unless you're a skin care expert it's hard to tell what's best for you. 

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Smoothies for Healthy Skin!

We thought a fun way to follow up our "Inner Wellness, Outer Beauty" blog would be with some delicious, vegan, healthy, smoothie recipes.  Our good friend The Chicago Vegan always has the best plant-based, vegan recipes.  We asked her to give us her three favorite smoothie recipes; surprisingly, all of them have ingredients that are healthy for your skin!

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Throwback! Inner Wellness, Outer Beauty.

t's no secret, scrub me™ is all about using healthy ingredients to treat and pamper our skin.  We not only pay close attention to what goes unto our bodies but also what goes into our system.  Nutrition plays a pretty big role in maintaining healthy skin.  Total body wellness is very important when striving for a radiant complexion!  Certain proteins and carbs work with different vitamins and minerals to keep the skin's barrier functioning properly.  Since we are all different, there is no one specific diet that will lead to bright, healthy skin.  With each different skin type, concern, or condition come different nutritional changes that can be made to achieve the healthiest skin possible.

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scrub me's favorite DIY lip scrub & more!

We wanted to share a couple of our favorite lip care recipes you can whip up at home with ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen.

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Let's Talk Lips

 Dry, rough, peeling lips or soft, supple, hydrated lips?  Which would you choose?  Just kidding!  We don't even need to ask to find the answer to that.  No matter who you are we are certain nobody would choose dry, chapped lips over hydrated ones.  So many seem to struggle with the perfect formula for healthy, moisturized lips.  scrub me™ is here to guide you on the path to your healthiest lips yet!

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When You Just Can't Handle Your Hands

Most of us check out our faces in the mirror every day, buy products to keep our skin healthy and young, read blogs and articles to educate ourselves about how to look our best.  But let's be honest, we are mostly focused on our faces and necks.  What about our hands?

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New! Spa Bombs

 Before, our bath bombs did have some amazing skin nourishing ingredients and essential oils, but we felt like they needed a little update.  Like with all our other skin care, we wanted to be really thoughtful about our recipes and which ingredients we chose.  We developed four different spa bombs to treat a few common skin care and body concerns.

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Better Understanding Preservatives

We think understanding preservatives in skin care is important.  While scrub me™ products do have antimicrobial and antioxidant ingredients, we do not use preservatives in our products.  Some preservatives can cause skin reactions or sensitivity and are also known to be unhealthy.  There is a wide range of preservatives so it can get a little confusing figuring out what is okay to use and what is not.

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Special Edition! Vegan Holiday Cookies & An Interview with the ChicagoVegan

  Who needs a little de-stressing in the midst of all this holiday craziness?  We sure do!  This month we decided to take a little break from our typical topics like health & skin care and focus on something else we really love, vegan baked goods.  We interviewed one of our favorite local vegans, the @chicagovegan about her new baking company, her vegan lifestyle, and she even gave us her go to holiday cookie recipe!

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