Decoding and Diminishing Breakouts

We see it advertised all the time: "A quick fix for acne!".  Unfortunately that "quick fix" may only be masking the problem and most of the time it doesn't work for everyone.  The best way to effectively rid yourself of blemishes for good is to first identify what is causing the breakouts.  Treating congestion topically can help heal and clear the surface layers of the skin, but what we really need to know is why we are getting the acne in the first place.  Our skin can give us clues as to what is going on in our bodies.

scrub me secret: acne is a condition that causes excess oil, bacteria, and skin cell build up in the pores.  This causes pimples and inflammation on the skin.  Acne has many causes and affects over 50 million Americans a year.


Acne in the forehead and temple region:


  If you are experiencing breakouts that are mainly in this area you could be under a lot of stress.  Blemishes from stress are most commonly found on the forehead and are usually inflamed and deep underneath the skin.  External causes that can cause acne on the forehead are hair care products, sporting equipment, and hats or headbands.  If you are experiencing small pimples and a lot of blackheads this could be a clue to acne caused by bacteria from an item or residue from hair products.  Make sure you are keeping helmets, hats, and headbands clean and make sure to use an astringent toner or light cleanser after wearing them if you are sweating.  If you suspect your blemishes are from hair products try switching to hypoallergenic products.  Also, make sure skin is clear of residue from conditioner or other hair products.  

Acne on the cheeks and sides of face:

  Acne in this area of the face has been linked to dietary issues.  When you think of diet affecting your skin the most common assumption is that candy and junk food are causing acne.  In truth, there is a wide variety of foods that trigger a breakout.  Everyone's body is different, so what causes one person's acne may not be the same for another.  Common foods that cause breakouts are: nuts, foods containing gluten and/or dairy, and foods with high amounts of sugar.


scrub me secret: to pinpoint a dietary breakout we suggest keeping a food diary.  This way when you get a blemish on your cheek you can look back a few days and see what may have caused it.  After a month or two you will be able to identify which food item(s) is causing your acne.


Skin types with larger pores and excess oils tend to experience breakouts in the nose and cheek area.  This is not a dietary breakout, this is a breakout caused by larger pores that are more easily impacted with dirt and oils.  If you have this issue, using a daily salicylic or clay cleanser followed by witch hazel or an astringent toner and a lightweight hydrator is the best routine to help keep pores unclogged.


scrub me secret: oily skin types need hydrator and moisturizer too!  after cleansing, exfoliating, or both, skin requires some type of nourishment.  if it is left dry or, as some like to say, "squeaky clean" your body will take it upon itself to create the oils.  this is how we end up with breakouts.


If you find that your acne is being caused by something in your diet work on eliminating those items and find supplements that are better for your body.  For example: if bread and pastas seem to be causing breakouts, try gluten or grain free products instead. You should start to see results in about 4-6 weeks.  To heal congestion in the meantime, use gentle cleansing and healing products like our clarifying treatment bar.

Acne on your chin and neck: 


  Acne in the chin and neck area is a common problem for many people.  In this area we see breakouts from hormonal fluctuations and  imbalances.  Although women are the majority of people that suffer from hormonal acne, it also affects the male population.


scrub me secret:  hormonal acne can show up anywhere on the body.  our backs are also a common place for blemishes caused by hormones.  these breakouts are usually large and inflamed.  try our detoxifying soap bar, or cedarwood man soap to treat this.


Imbalances and fluctuations in hormones cause our bodies to produce excess inflammation and oils in our pores.  This causes cystic acne.  Balancing hormones through lifestyle changes like changing diet or practicing stress control can be helpful for your skin alongside a good at-home routine.  Receiving monthly facials or healing light treatment can help diminish congestion.  Also, you can consult your esthetician about which products are best for your at-home routine.

scrub me secret: just because you have acne or blemishes doesn't mean all acne products are going to work for your skin type.  skin care that targets acne usually also targets excess oils.  while this works for some skin types it does not work for others.  some skin types can become sensitized by certain acne products and can have adverse reactions.  this is why it is best to consult your esthetician about which products are best.


Acne on your entire face:

  Breakouts that are sporadic or all over the face can be frustrating and difficult to treat.  Common causes for this more serious type of acne can be severe food allergies, severe hormone imbalances, bacterial infections, or other internal imbalances.  Sometimes medication is prescribed depending on what is causing the acne.  Antibiotics, birth control, and medication that inhibits oil production are some of the medication options available.  If you wish to take the more holistic route, paying attention to daily diet, stress, and overall health can lead you to clear skin.  An anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle can help diminish these breakouts.  This means less sugars, salts, alcohol and spicy foods.  Also, ceasing smoking or drug use can help clear skin.  As we've said before, find a routine that fits your skin type and stick to it!

  Now that you have the tools to decode and diminish acne, ask yourself what your breakout might be trying to tell you.  Treating yourself from the inside out is the best way to clear your skin for good.  If you want to treat your acne with scrub me™ products try our clarifying treatment bar for face and our detoxifying soap for body.  Happy cleansing!