scrub me's signature facial: the full plant-based detox.

  If you haven't already heard, we now have a spa space that offers a variety of skincare treatments, waxing, and sunless tanning.  Among our many facials and treatments is our 'full plant-based detox.'  We have to say we are big fans of this facial in particular because we get to treat our clients with all our own natural, vegan products as well as different raw ingredients from the earth.  This facial can be tailored to any skin type and can treat a wide range of concerns like acne, congestion, dryness, dullness, fine lines, and sensitization.  So what is this facial actually all about?

Step 1: Cleansing/Make-up removal:

First we use an oil-cleansing method to remove any makeup.  Our unscented whipped shea butter is great for removal of mascara, eyeliner, and lip products.  We also use our nourishing serum or an unscented jojoba oil to remove any powder or liquid facial makeup.

Perfect for removing eye makeup and lip products.

Perfect for removing eye makeup and lip products.

scrub me secret: removing makeup with oil based products prior to cleansing is the best way to erase makeup without irritating skin.  some makeup removers or wipes contain alcohol or soap that is too harsh for the skin.  Also, using shea butters or oils will give you more slip and glide while removing product so your skin doesn't get stressed.

After makeup removal we cleanse your skin with one of our facial treatment bars.  The toning bar is best for most skin types; it cleanses skin while balancing and prepping it for other products to be used.  Our clarifying bar is for acneic, oily, or skin types with active breakouts.  This bar deeply cleanses skin while calendula flower works to heal inflammation and breakouts.  For some very oily, congested, or resilient skin types we will use our detoxifying charcoal bar for extra deep cleaning before treatment.


Step 2: Exfoliation/Steam:


Our antioxidant powder mask is a perfect exfoliator for every skin type, literally!  Level of exfoliation can be controlled by how much or little nourishing serum, cleanser, or other oil we add to the powder.  More liquid additive will make a less aggressive exfoliation for sensitive or acneic skin and less will result in a more abrasive scrub for dry, aging, or congested skin.  This antioxidant blend treats the skin with nutrients while it exfoliates.  We let the antioxidants sit on your skin like a mask while you steam. Steaming helps soften the skin and the dirt and debris within the pores so it is more easily extracted.

scrub me secret: during this facial you will be receiving a foot massage.  this massage is great for pain relief, relaxation, and detoxification too!  our feet have many pressure points and also can absorb and release toxins from our body.  


Step 3: Extractions:

All our clients know, this is the only non-relaxing part of the facial. Sorry, but our skin needs it!  You'll hear a lot that popping pimples or picking at your skin isn't good for it; and while this is true there are certain guidelines that your esthetician can follow to ensure your skin is not damaged from an extraction. Using a special method of gently squeezing skin with cotton pads after steam we can put blackheads, oils, and small white heads out of the skin.  Larger, more inflamed pustules will just be treated with a healing light treatment as to avoid agitating them.        

Blackheads are easily removed after steam and exfoliation.

Blackheads are easily removed after steam and exfoliation.


Step 4: Lymph Drainage Massage:


This light, rhythmic facial massage that manipulates lymph and promotes drainage of toxins in the skin and body.  We use the lightest touch possible during this massage, we have to do this in order to manipulate the lymph that sits directly underneath our skin tissues.  Lymph fluid runs in our blood to rid the body of any infection or bacteria.  A lymph drainage massage can assist the lymph to move throughout the system and more easily detoxify the blood.   

scrub me secret: routine lymph drainage massage can help skin types struggling with excess congestion or acne. stimulating lymph and blood flow for these skin types will further detox the system, helping clear skin over time.


Step 5: Custom Plant-Based Mask:

Green sea clay makes a great oil clearing mask.

Green sea clay makes a great oil clearing mask.

In the beginning of your treatment your esthetician will asses your skin and choose a type of mask that will best benefit your skin.  We have an arsenal of raw materials from the earth that we can blend in various ways to customize your treatment. Clays and charcoal can detoxify skin and clear excess oil, oats are calming and anti-inflammatory, different antioxidants like rose hip, grape seed, and green tea extract help with anti-aging, healing and brightening skin.  There also many oils and essential oils that we can combine to treat the skin.  The possibilities are endless!

scrub me secret: when using an essential oil to treat skin you always want to use something that is called a 'carrier oil.'  this should be a non-pore clogging, non-irritating oil like jojoba, argon, or sunflower, just to name a few. applying essential oil straight to skin will result in redness and irritation for many.  add a few drops of essential oil to the carrier oil and then apply to face.


Step 6: Cooling Globe Treatment:

After exfoliation, steam, extractions, and masking we think your skin deserves one last touch!  A short massage with cool facial globes will promote circulation giving the skin a lasting glow all day.  Also, the coolness of the globes will help to take down any inflammation left over from extractions or steam.  This calming treatment is a great way to end any facial.  Your skin will never feel better!



Step 7: Aftercare/SPF:

The appropriate hydrator will be applied to skin before we use a sunscreen from the PCA line we also use in the treatment room.  Since most SPFs are water-based and contain some sort of preservatives or non-plant-based ingredients, scrub me™ does not make one.  We fully trust the PCA line and feel it is the best alternative when we can't use scrub me products.  All clients will have sunscreen applied at the end of their treatment.  Skin needs a daily SPF, especially after a treatment.

scrub me secret: it would be ideal to keep your face completely clean and free of makeup and other products for the remainder of the day following your treatment. however, we do understand our clients have busy lives and that is not always an option.  the aftercare and spf will create somewhat of a barrier between fresh skin and makeup. a tinted moisturizer or mineral powder is better choice than a liquid or cream foundation.  if makeup is applied after a facial remember to gently cleanse it off before bed that evening. 


We encourage first time clients to book a free consultation with their facial.  This way your esthetician can thoroughly go over your home-care routine, skin-care concerns, and goals for your skin.  Book your treatment today and get ready for healthy glowing skin!