Popular Beauty Services We Love!

As you all know, purposeful skin care, face & body treatments, and overall wellness is totally our thing here at scrub me™. This month we wanted to change it up just a little and talk about some delightful, popular beauty services. It goes without saying that healthy skin and body wellness are key to feeling and looking beautiful; these beauty services are fun ways to get your glam on and amplify your beauty even more!

brow tint.png

Brow tint

Brow tinting is easy, painless, and affordable! A semi-permanent dye is used to darken and slightly fill in the shape of your brow by tinting the hairs that you already have. This is ideal for those with super light hair, greying brow hairs, or those looking to boost their natural brow. A shade of dye is chosen match the color of your hair, usually brows are tinted a little darker than your hair color. Dye is applied along your brow line while a barrier cream keeps the dye from tinting skin outside your brow line. This treatment doesn’t take long and is usually followed by a brow shaping to make them perfect. After the tint is removed it’s common for some color to be left on the skin behind the hairs of your brow, making them look very full and darker; this only lasts for about 48 hours. Best results are seen after 2-3 days and the tint lasts about 4-6 weeks.

service time: 20-30 minutes (including brow shaping)

price: $15-$30

results: darker, fuller looking brows for a little over a month. grey hairs will be covered.

best place to find this service: your esthetician or make-up artist. ask for esthetician recommendations in your area!

scrub me secret: we tint and shape brows at our scrub me skin care studio! visit us and leave with beautiful brows in less than half an hour! click here to book.



This beauty service is for those wanting full, perfectly shaped brows. A semi-permanent tattooing treatment that is performed by a microblading technician. First, brows are drawn in to your liking before they are tattooed. This is different than a typical tattoo because your microblading artist will take their time using a special tool to draw on small, realistic hairs. This service takes 7-10 days to fully heal and your new brows will be revealed. Skin is delicate and needs to be treated properly during this time. You should receive detailed post-care instructions from your technician. A touch-up is needed after the first 40-60 days. Enjoy your fierce brows for over a year!

service time: 2-3 hours for first treatment/1.5-2 hours for touch-up

price: $400-$900 (most prices included touch up appointment)

results: natural, full looking brows for over a year.

best place to find this service: a well trained microblading technician in your area. get recommendations and ask to see before and after photos of other clients.

scrub me secret: if you’re located in the Chicagoland area we know the best woman for microblading! Judy at skincare+lash located in a suburb close to the city of chicago is detailed and amazing!

lift lash.png

Lash lift

This beauty treatment has become very popular in the past couple years. A lash lift uses a perming solution to boost and lift your natural lashes, making them look longer and curled. This treatment takes a little bit over an hour and your eyes will be closed 90% of the time. Lashes are combed and adhered onto a guard that will keep them in their perfectly curled stance. Then, a series of perming, setting, & nourishing solutions are applied to the lashes to keep them in their perfectly lifted state. See results right away! Lashes cannot get wet 48 hours post treatment. This for some, is a better alternative to lash extensions because it is less maintenance and more natural looking.

service time: 1-2 hours

price: $80-$150

results: lifted, longer looking lashes with little to no upkeep. results last for about 6 weeks.

best place to find this service: a well trained lash technician or esthetician in your area. there are so many lash boutiques popping up everywhere!

lash tint.png

Lash tint

This is another quick and easy beauty service that just boosts your natural beauty even more! A lash tint usually uses dark black (or brown if you prefer) semi-permanent dye to tint your natural lashes. This darkening of the lashes really fills in your lash line and makes you feel less of a need to use mascara. While this service doesn’t lift or lengthen lashes it still definitely gives you a nice boost. A lash tint can be paired with a lift to give the illusion of false lashes. A tinting service can be great for those of you interested in amplifying your lash beauty but not ready to try a lift or extensions yet.

service time: 20-25 minutes

price: $20-$40

results: darker, more defined lashes for 4-6 weeks

best place to find this service: your esthetician or lash technician.

scrub me secret: if you live in chicago you can get your lashes tinted at scrub me skin care studio! click here to book.

lash extensions.jpg

Lash extensions

This lash service takes your lashes to a whole new level. A skilled technician adds mink or synthetic lashes one by one to your natural lashes using a safe, medical grade adhesive. Mink lashes are known to be more natural looking and lighter weight, we recommend getting these. A vegan-friendly option is synthetic lashes. This treatment can be customized according to how full and long you would like your lashes to be. You and your lash artist can work together to decide what will be best for you. Pros to lash extensions are full, amazing looking lashes 24/7 and no mascara needed. Some cons are that extensions require quite a bit of upkeep at home and need to be refilled about every 3 weeks. If not properly taken care of, extensions can damage your own natural lashes. These do take a bit of getting used to, especially if you’re not used to false eyelashes or a lot of make-up. Follow your lash technicians instructions and you will be in the clear. Results are seen directly after your treatment. Get ready for lots of lash compliments!

service time: 2 hours for first treatment/1-1.5 hours for refills

price: $100-$250/$75-$150 for a refill

results: custom, fuller, lengthier lashes. no mascara needed. a refill is needed about every 3 weeks to maintain fullness.

best place to find this service: a well trained lash technician or esthetician in your area. most lash boutiques provide both lifting and lash extension services.

scrub me secret: our girl Brittany has her own company b. lashes here in chicago. her amazing work speaks for itself! contact her on instagram for extension appointments.

sun fx tan.jpg

Spray tan

It’s no secret that we are BIG fans of sunless tanning. This beauty service is the best way to get the golden glow you’re craving without damaging your skin and body. Great spray tan solutions are made up of color additives and skin nourishing ingredients. We recommend getting an air brush spray tan from a technician vs. a spray tan from a booth machine; this will ensure a custom, flawless tan. All solutions are different, you’ll work with your technician to decide which will give you your desired tan. Anything from a light glow to a super dark tan is possible. Usually there is about 8-12 hours after a tan where you have to let it set in and develop, during this time you cannot shower, sweat, or get wet. Best results are seen 12-24 hours post spray tan.

service time: 25-45 minutes

price: $30-$95

results: a glowing tan that lasts 5-10 days

best place to find this service: your esthetician or air brush tanning technician (find someone who uses the sunFX brand!)

scrub me secret: we give an AH-mazing air brush tan at scrub me skin care studio. click here to book with us! Read our blog on how to best prep for your tan.

makeup application.jpeg

Make-up application

This beauty service doesn’t have to be something that you only treat yourself to when you have a really special event. Have an interview, luncheon, or even just a girls day brunch? These are all great reasons to get your makeup done! A make-up application can be anything from a quick, natural look to a full-face dramatic look. The best part about getting your makeup professionally done, even if it’s just a super clean, natural look is that your look will last all day long. If you really want to get a great value stop by your local makeup counter, you can usually get a make-up application when you purchase a minimum dollar amount in products.

service time: 40 min - 2.5 hours depending on your look

price: $40-$300 depending on your look

results: perfect makeup custom to your liking that will last all day long

best place to find this service: a trained make-up artist or your local makeup counter like MAC or NARS for example. ask your hairdresser for recommendations!

scrub me secret: Our great friend Nora, owner of Nora Faye Cosmetics, is one of the best make-up artists out there. Contact her via her cosmetics page to inquire about make-up application in Chicago.

Look for our mini blog later this month where Katherine from scrub me documents her lash extension service with b.lashes.