New! Spa Bombs

  We've got some new additions to the scrub me™ family!  Spa bombs are our new and improved versions of our bath bombs.  We took our recipes to a whole new level and created blends of plant-based ingredients that make a real difference in your skin.

 Before, our bath bombs did have some amazing skin nourishing ingredients and essential oils, but we felt like they needed a little update.  Like with all our other skin care, we wanted to be really thoughtful about our recipes and which ingredients we chose.  We developed four different spa bombs to treat a few common skin care and body concerns.



This deep-cleansing spa bomb treats oily skin and those who are feeling congested. A blend of sea clay, kaolin clay, and charcoal absorbs excess oils and draws toxins from the skin. Non-pore-clogging moisturizers like shea, jojoba, and castor replenish skin's balance without feeling too heavy.

scrub me secret: shea, jojoba, and castor oils have ratings of 0-2 on the comedogenic (pore-clogging) scale.  this means there is little to no chance of them clogging pores.  great for oily skin types.


Soothing/ Hydrating

This oat-filled spa bomb is designed to deeply nourish and heal dry, cracked, or sensitized skin. A blend of ultra nourishing oils like argan, sweet almond, cocoa butter, and arnica work together with the soothing oats and essential oils to treat dry, sensitive skin perfectly. Lavender and palmarosa essential oils help skin retain moisture and add extra relief.

scrub me secret: looking for the spa bomb that will provide the most relaxation?  you've got a winner in our soothing/hydrating bomb!  Lavender and palmarosa essential oils provide deep, relaxing aromatherapy benefits.


Skin Firming

This caffeine-rich bomb is filled with matcha and ground coffee to stimulate skin cells and firm the surface. Grapefruit and orange essential oils brighten the skin and provide antioxidant benefits. Great for cellulite, sallow feeling skin, or if you just want your skin to feel a bit brighter.

scrub me secret:  most green teas have some caffeine content, but matcha packs a real punch!  Depending on the thickness, a cup of matcha tea can sometimes double the amount of caffeine in a cup of regular green tea.


Muscle Relief

This spa bomb is a new and improved version of our peppermint & pink sea salt bath bomb. Lots of epsom and Himalayan pink sea salt paired with minty essential oils will create a detox bath for your sore muscles. Magnesium in salt increases circulation and aids in muscle relief. Peppermint and spearmint essential oils provide a cooling sensation to ease any pain or tenderness.

scrub me secret: this bomb is perfect for those who can't seem to sit and soak in a hot bath for too long.  this item's cooling sensation will relieve you from the heat so you can take an extended soak.


  We want your bath experience to feel like you've escaped to your own personal spa.  Our ultimate goal at scrub me™ is to create skin care that really makes a difference, in a healthy way.  Let us know what you think of our new spa bombs in our comments section.  For free shipping now until the end of March enter code "SPA18" at checkout.  Happy soaking!