From the Owner: My Daily Skin Care Routine

  Hello everyone!  As some of you know, I started my career as an esthetician in 2010.  To this day, providing my spa guests with skin care treatments and knowledge for home care is my favorite part of what I do.  If we've ever had the pleasure of meeting in person I'm almost certain that we've discussed my very specific skin care routine.  I like to use my personal home care routine as an example to explain how important it is to have a daily regimen at home.  Facials, treatments, and peels can only take your skin so far.  Yes, treatments like these do greatly improve your complexion, skin's health, and help you achieve your ultimate skin goals.  But, without a proper skin care routine at home, your skin cannot maintain all results in between treatments.

scrub me secret: My skin type is dry and a little sensitive.  The products you will see in my skin care routine cater to my skin type.  I will be using the 'scrub me secrets' in this blog to show modifications for oily/congested skin types.



AM routine: step 1

For my morning cleansing I use the scrub me, toning bar. I formulated this bar to balance and firm the skin while cleansing. This cleanser gets my skin clean enough after my morning workouts but doesn't leave the barrier stripped and dry feeling. On the mornings I do not exercise I actually skip the cleansing step. For drier skin types its okay to skip a morning cleansing if you've done a full evening routine.

scrub me secret: to modify this step for oily/congested skin I suggest using the scrub me, clarifying bar.  this bar helps clear oils and begin healing breakouts.  this cleanser will not sensitize your skin like other acne cleansers.  oily skin types should cleanse on a daily basis.

rose water toner.png

AM routine: step 2

Even though the scrub me toning bar does help to balance and refresh the skin, like a toner would, my dry skin still needs all the extra hydration it can get. I use rosewater that I order in larger quantities from a company called New Directions Aromatics. I also like this rosewater from Heritage Store that comes in a cute spray bottle. I just spritz my face before applying serums and moisturizer. If my skin is feeling dried out throughout the day I spritz it again, no need to cleanse skin before this. You can just spritz over your makeup.

scrub me secret: to modify this step for oily/congested skin I suggest using witch hazel for a toner.  witch hazel is best applied with a cotton pad after cleansing, before hydration.

C&E serum.png

AM routine: step 3

I absolutely love this serum. A vitamin C serum can be great for many different skin types. This serum in particular delivers a concentrated dose of vitamin C and vitamin E deep into the skin. Applying a vitamin C serum in the morning will help skin to fight free radical damage from the sun and elements throughout the day. This helps my skin to feel stronger, smoother, and brighter.

scrub me secret:  vitamin C is also great for congested or oily skin types. I suggest the PCA A&C serum instead of the C&E serum.  Vitamin A will help to minimize pores and refine skin more.  The A&C serum also has more of a matte finish.

PCA ideal eye.png

AM routine: step 4

Eye cream! This is a step that I make sure to never ever miss, AM and PM. Even though I do not see fine lines, puffiness, or dark circles on a daily basis I still am regimented about eye cream as a preventative measure. I use the most firming and anti-aging eye product that PCA has.

scrub me secret: eye cream is for everyone!  No matter your age, sex, or skin type you can and should be using an eye cream.  I personally started using an eye cream around the age of 19.  Remember, its easier to prevent fine lines, puffiness, and aging than it is to try and take it away.

PCA spf.jpg

AM routine: step 5

SPF is also something I would never skip. I know all too much about sun damage to let myself leave the house without proper protection. It doesn't matter if it's sunny or overcast outside, SPF is always needed. I use this hydrator plus so it doubles as an AM moisturizer for my dry skin. I also sometimes layer a tinted moisturizer over that.

scrub me secret: for oily skin types you will want a lighter weight sunscreen.  I like the weightless SPF from PCA and I also like Jan Marini physical protectant.  Aveeno also has an ultra calming SPF that is lightweight if you need to pop by a drugstore in a pinch.

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 12.06.53 PM.png

PM routine: step 1

I use the nourishing serum to remove my mascara, bronzer, and lipstick. I simply massage it all over my skin with my hands until all my makeup loosens up and starts to come off. Next, I'm going to do a cleansing and exfoliation so I will just leave this oil on my skin. Since my skin is so dry it feels better when I leave the oil on before cleansing.

scrub me secret: if you have oily/congested skin you can still use the nourishing serum to remove your makeup.  It will be much better for your skin than using a removal wipe with alcohols in it.  you will want to remove the nourishing serum with a cloth or cotton pad.


PM routine: step 2

I use this Kalos cleanser to cleanse and lightly exfoliate my skin. The glycolic and jojoba beads work together to buff away dead skin cells and smooth my skin. I keep my nourishing oil on my skin during this step so it can blend with the cleanser and it feels less harsh on my skin. Experiment on your own to see what feels best for you.

scrub me secret:  this can also be a great PM cleanser for oily/congested skin.  check with your dermatologist or esthetician to make sure it fits well into your routine.  some acne products may make skin too sensitive for this cleanser. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 12.21.52 PM.png

PM routine: step 3 (3x a week)

Three nights a week I do a double exfoliation. This means I use my exfoliating cleanser (listed above) and directly after I preform another exfoliation using the antioxidant powder mask. This may sound like a lot of exfoliating for a dry skin type but it actually helps it feel less dry and function better. As I scrub using this powder mask & serum combo I am bringing circulation to my facial tissues and stimulating collagen & elastin. This helps my skin feel soft and firm. Mixing this antioxidant powder with the nourishing serum brings a moisturizing element to this step.

scrub me secret: if you have active breakouts a double exfoliation like this isn't best.  too much or too aggressive exfoliation can actually damage the skin if there are active breakouts.  I suggest skipping this step or using some type of astringent or salicylic serum. 

PCA collagen hydrator.jpg

PM routine: step 4

After cleansing and exfoliating my skin is ready for some hydration. For this step I switch up my products depending on how my skin feels. When I want to use a water based hydrator I choose the PCA collagen hydrator. A water based lotion is great for when skin is feeling like it's dehydrated or a little sallow. Other nights I use the nourishing serum again or scrub me unscented whipped shea butter to moisturize. These items are oil based and give my skin more nourishment to make it softer. When I use a oil based moisturizer I like to massage it into my skin as an extra anti-aging bonus.

scrub me secret:  for oily/congested skin you do want to hydrate to balance out your skin.  If you don't use a moisturizer then your skin will feel the need to produce extra oil to try and do the job itself; this results in oily feeling skin.  I recommend a lightweight moisturizer like PCA clearskin or aveda oil control lotion.

PCA ideal eye.png

PM routine: step 5

Eye cream, again! The skin around our eyes is so thin and delicate it deserves a little extra care. Using an eye cream both AM and PM will give you your best results.


That is all for my daily skin care routine!  I do use the scrub me lip polish and butter balm both on a daily basis.  In the treatment room I give myself small facials about once every 2 months and I use some type of PCA peel a few times a year also.  If you would like a blog covering things like enzymes and chemical peels let me know in the comments section below! 

scrub me secret: need help perfecting your at home skin care routine? You can  visit scrub me skin care for a free facial consultation and product consultation!  In this 15-20 minute session, we take a close look at your skin, discuss skin care goals, and go over products you are currently using.